Because Magazine: Going Platinum, February 2014

Naomi Bikis wrote a feature about achieving platinum blonde hair with Olivia at Glasshouse Salon.

“Olivia is part of a rare breed of hairdressers. She hones in on exactly what you want and can actually articulate when your ideas are misguided or that your face shape and skin tone will suit this or that, then she’ll create something that’s probably better than that photo you showed her to start with – oh so simple, yet so hard to find.”

Read the full article here.

Because Magazine: The Long Way Back, December 2014

Naomi Bikis then revisited the topic in a feature about going back to a more natural colour from platinum hair, including quotes from Olivia and details about her visit to Glasshouse.

Read the full article here.

Because Magazine: Good Hair Days

Glasshouse collaborated with Because on three video hair tutorials about how to achieve three simple styles, all demonstrated by Olivia at Glasshouse Salon. The tutorials were for The Knot, The Twisted Ponytail and The Bun.

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